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Friday, February 09, 2007

Health Notes

Here is what we are discussing today (with links) at The Tao of Health:

This study says one in three children will develop type 2 diabetes. That’s pretty grim isn’t it? What’s wrong? Have we suddenly been hit with the diabetes virus that is causing a diabetes pandemic? Nope, I don’t think so. I think it has a lot to do with our lifestyle in this country. Anyway, the study I mention above goes on to say that exercise is crucial in fighting diabetes.

For more information about diabetes: the CDC has lots of information. There are a lot of links, including something on physical activity and health. Here is something on exercise and diabetes. Here is something on groups affected by diabetes. Here are diabetes FAQs. Here is something on preventing diabetes. Here is an overview of diabetes in children and adolescents. The section on statistics is particularly revealing. Apparently the proportion of children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes has increased from about 5 percent before 1994 to between 30 and 50 percent now? Good Lord! This is an epidemic that we need to stop.

I knew we weren’t through talking about eating disorders. Recent discussions have tried to blame families for anorexia, bulimia, etc, while other discussions have said that’s all wrong. This article reports on research that suggests that fathers may somehow influence their daughters to become bulimic. So the discussion continues. Stay tuned for further developments because we’re still not through talking about eating disorders.

This article says that you don’t need to drink eight glasses of water per day. Read the article for further discussion. A lot of the water you need is in the food you eat. I agree. You can really upset your daily routine by adopting a new routine like drinking a lot of water. For example, I decided a few months ago that I needed to drink a lot of water. I found that I couldn’t venture far from a bathroom because I needed to go very often. When I stopped drinking all that water, a lot of my problems went away. Besides, I eat a lot of soups and vegetables, which contain a lot of water. I’m glad this person agrees: eight glasses of water is too much.


  • At 9:57 AM, Blogger vern said…

    I dislike drinking large amounts of water, but not drinking enough fluids may contribute to the frequency of kidney stones I seem to get.

  • At 5:55 PM, Blogger Joey said…

    I developed type II diabetes before 30 and was always fit, active, and within normal body weight standards. In my case, I suspect a genetic component simply because diabetes afflicts everyone on my mother's side (regardless of lifestyle and weight)-- and has for at least 3 generations -- but I would hardly call it an epidemic when, as you suggest, our very lifestyle may be playing a role. Maybe I needed *more* excerise? Who knows.

    Exercise is also important for controlling diabetes: without it, ever cell in your body starts to ignore insulin and your blood sugars rise even more (the drug, Avandia, tries to lower insulin resistance; althought, I'm not convinced of its usefulness).

    After 20+ years of diabetes, I'd agree that there's an implication that a more active life-style is important to staying off diabetes. But do athletes develop type II diabetes? I never thought to check into that...

    As for the water: fluids are important and help keep (my) kidney stones under control-- but I probably do end up drinking 8 glasses (12 oz?) a day -- in the form of tasty tea! (And not for the exaggerated anti-oxident claims!)

  • At 1:36 PM, Blogger cognitorex said…

    April 18, 2007

    Sex Tips, Crash Diets, Perfect Bodies - At Your Checkout Station
    What would have been classified porn in my youth now appears at every major supermarket checkout station in the nation. The sex tips and the barely clad bodies are titillating and I have mixed feelings that they fill my view when I wait to pay.
    But, when I scan the hallelujahs for perfect abs, perfect thighs, and diet claims that girls and women are subject to along with the perfectly thin barely clad idealized females adorning the magazines' covers I feel a social crime is being committed.
    Why should all the weight conscious women of America, particularly those who have a diet related disease have to run this gauntlet?
    --Craig Johnson--

    Labels: anorexia, bulemia, diet fads, porn

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  • At 12:43 PM, Blogger weight loss said…

    1 out of 3 children developing diabetes is a VERY grim projection. Parents these days are not doing enough to make sure their children eat healthy natural foods and get enough physical activity

  • At 1:33 AM, Blogger Iron-Man said…

    When all these kids get diabetes they had better have health insurance! Very sad prognosis for the future generations.

  • At 4:06 PM, Blogger Fran said…

    As for the media- have a glance at the Woman's magazines... often the cover has some how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days or other sensationalized header,and on the same page it will have a recipie for some over the top dessert that will add 10 pounds or more just thinking about it. Talk about mixed messages!

    The fast food restaurants have made us think we are not getting a "value"/deal unless we get a swimming pool sized soda drink, and more calories than a person needs in a day for just one meal. They use trans fats & ridiculious portions.
    Although you can get a McSalad... that is not what they are pushing in their McAdvertising.

    I was diagnosed w type 2 diabetes @ age 38. It seemed my metabolism just went haywire. Feeling hungry when I just ate a healthy balanced meal, and spiking blood glucose levels in the morning fasting (nothing to eat all the night or that morning) called dawn syndrome, the liver kicks out glucose. Stress, Hormones, the Liver & food intake all play a role. But certainly kids that are doing the deadly duo-- eating crap food, and inactivity is contributing to kids getting diabetes at a very young age.

    I too have had a few bouts w kidney stones & am drinking crazy amounts of water to put the kabosh on the stones. As a result, log a whole lot of time in the restroom, but better the restroom than the emergency or surgery room.

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