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One of my main concerns is: how can I make a difference? There are thousands of political blogs out there. It’s easy to get lost in that ocean. So I may blog about politics on occasion, or I may blog about health issues, depending on where my interests lead me, and where I feel I can contribute something of significance.

Monday, September 12, 2005

John Roberts: Advise and Consent

If George W. Bush is seemingly doing such a poor job in so many areas, what makes us think he is not also doing a poor job at choosing Supreme Court justices?

We may have to live with his picks for the next twenty-plus years. They could change the entire character of the Court, and negatively impact the lives of citizens who can least afford that impact.

We should think long and hard about President Bush's Supreme Court nominees. We should ask tough questions and get answers. Once they are seated we won't get another chance.


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