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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Tao of Bird Flu
20. Bird flu will run its course. A pandemic will either result or it won’t. It is interesting to note that today man has little control over that process.

Bird Flu Notes
I guess India has a hard time believing that bird flu has been carried into their country by birds, so now they are investigating bird feed that was imported illegally from Indonesia and China, both of which are hotbeds for the H5N1 virus. Look, if something is called bird feed, it doesn’t mean that it ever came into contact with birds. Geez, sometimes people can’t accept their own shortcomings and have to play the blame game. And some countries think that other countries are out to get them or something. India has bird flu. Deal with it.

Another group also claims that migrating birds did not bring H5N1 to India, although at least they don’t claim it was bird seed. But their arguments do sound reasonable. Maybe this will all be sorted out eventually.

Vietnam is said to have successfully contained bird flu. With no new cases in at least the last three weeks, Vietnam is now officially disease free. The same is true of Thailand. I’m glad that Vietnam and Thailand are free of bird flu. I wish the rest of the world was, but it’s not. Indonesia certainly is not. And bird flu is spreading like wildfire through parts of Africa and Europe, not to mention the recent outbreaks in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, etc. So the rest of the world has not contained bird flu. Some people wonder if it ever will. So far there have been no human deaths outside Asia. Let us hope that remains true. Vietnam may have contained bird flu, but they and other Asian countries basically gave it to the rest of the world. Let us also hope that the rest of the world can contain this deadly virus the same way that Vietnam has.

Here are two articles that theorize that our current strategies of dealing with bird flu will not prevent a pandemic in the long run but will delay one instead. (MSNBC, Ontario News)

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