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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Tao of Bird Flu
16. The leaders of all the countries around the world need to take bird flu seriously, those of the Orient, of course, because that is where it is coming from; but also those of the West, because that is where it is headed.

Bird Flu Notes
There was an interesting piece yesterday afternoon on NPR about bird flu. You can read a rough transcript, and listen to the piece. It has to do with our old question about migrating birds.

Here are three theories about how H5N1 ended up in Europe ahead of the normal spring migration of birds. I tend to agree with theory number three, that bird flu has been in Europe for some time.

The bird flu outbreak in Nigeria went unreported for four weeks. That’s really too bad. A reaction like that is just one more thing that makes a pandemic possible.

Some Europeans see benefits in all the publicity surrounding bird flu, mainly because it shows that the system is working. Yes, and in the meantime bird flu continues to spread.

Here is a really cool interactive bird flu map, showing countries where outbreaks have occurred, and detailing the circumstances of the outbreak.

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