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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Tao of Bird Flu
27. Birds and bird flu are opposite in many ways:
One sings, the other is silent;
One has wings, the other has none;
One lives in light, the other lives in darkness;
One builds families which the other destroys;
One flies, and dies, killed by the other.

Bird Flu Notes
There are preliminary reports that three people have died of bird flu in the past three days in the Indonesian city of Bandung. Also in Indonesia, the Agriculture Minister says that his country is experiencing a bird flu emergency, but the Health Minister disagrees. Indonesia seems to be a hotbed for bird flu right now. One might want to choose a different vacation destination until all this blows over.

Whenever a country is hit by something like bird flu, a lot of people are afraid, and a lot of theories begin circulating. In India there is a theory that bird flu will die in the summer. Good luck with that.

There is some speculation that bird flu could be a byproduct of Soviet experimentation with biological warfare. That could be true, I suppose, but at this point who cares? Let’s just do something about it.

Meanwhile, here are poll results concerning America attitudes toward bird flu; in Yakima, Washington the virus is thought to be closer than some might think; and here is a fairly good article on recent developments in bird flu.

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