The Tao of Politics

One of my main concerns is: how can I make a difference? There are thousands of political blogs out there. It’s easy to get lost in that ocean. So I may blog about politics on occasion, or I may blog about health issues, depending on where my interests lead me, and where I feel I can contribute something of significance.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Still Desperately Seeking Answers

Since I haven't gotten any answers, I thought I would ask this again: how does spending more than $200 billion in Iraq make us safer at home? If we had spent $200 billion at home we might be safer. Spending $200 billion in Iraq is just a diversion. I think it makes us less safe and less secure.

I think Afghanistan made us safer, not Iraq. You hear all the talk about how this war has destabilized the Middle East, driven up oil prices, cost 1860+ lives, and for what?

Part of the problem with 9/11 was focusing too much attention overseas and not enough on the homeland. I think that is part of the problem today as well.


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