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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Preparing for the Worst
I grew up in the 1950s when the threat of nuclear war was a possibility, and when many people were building fallout shelters. Fifty years later it seems like we might want to dust off some of those old plans.

There are two major articles in USA Today about preparing for a Flu Pandemic. One article features a man who is laying in a stash of supplies, complete with guns and ammunition. Some people are taking it that seriously, and I guess we should too. The other article goes into more detail about making preparations.

In the 50s, my family didn’t build a fallout shelter, although I wanted to. Turns out we didn’t need one then. Do we need to take extraordinary measures now? Who knows? In any event, there are the articles mentioned above, and the US Government now has a website devoted to the potential Pandemic. I have added it to my link list.

We’re going to keep on top of this story. I don’t think the monster is at the door, but he is certainly in the skies. We will definitely be following it as the situation worsens or improves. (I think you can buy guns at Dick’s and Kmart, can’t you?)

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