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One of my main concerns is: how can I make a difference? There are thousands of political blogs out there. It’s easy to get lost in that ocean. So I may blog about politics on occasion, or I may blog about health issues, depending on where my interests lead me, and where I feel I can contribute something of significance.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Health Notes
In my opinion
, and in that of others, the low fat diet study that an opinion piece by Steven Milloy (FoxNews) seems so pleased about had serious flaws. As reported, participants reduced their fat intake only about 10%. That’s hardly any reduction at all. And at a duration of only about eight years, there really wasn't enough time to judge the efficacy of such a diet, even if their goals of fat reduction had been met, which they weren’t.

I don't know where Mr. Milloy is coming from on this, but he seems to be labeling any attempt to follow a healthy lifestyle as Junk Science; and he seems to be advocating that Americans eat Junk Food, even those containing trans fats. Furthermore, in one passage, Mr. Milloy seems to suggest that it is all right for women with heart disease to eat a “scrumptious banana-pecan French toast with a side of sausage.” Mr. Milloy may not worry about the consequences of this kind of attitude, but I do. This study is not the last word on the subject, and I can still say that I think a low fat diet is healthier than a high fat diet.

I’m glad someone did a study on what happens to immigrants when they come to this country and begin eating an American diet: they eat more meat, more junk food, and fewer fruits and vegetables. And their health suffers.

Resveratrol, a substance found in red grape skins (and consequently in red wine) has now been shown to prolong life (and here’s another article) among other benefits. I’ll drink to that. And this article says that resveratrol has the ability to stop the flu virus. Why, resveratrol seems to be a wonder medicine. This is why I drink my medicine every night.
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