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One of my main concerns is: how can I make a difference? There are thousands of political blogs out there. It’s easy to get lost in that ocean. So I may blog about politics on occasion, or I may blog about health issues, depending on where my interests lead me, and where I feel I can contribute something of significance.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Neil Young’s new album “Living with War” is awesome. You can listen to it at You might be able to download it from Rhapsody, I'm not sure. The most famous song on the album will undoubtedly be “Let’s impeach the president,” and that’s too bad, because there is much on this album that is worth hearing. For social comment, it may be unparalleled in recent memory. For energizing the liberal base this fall, it may prove to be very effective. In fact I will venture to say that the album will be more effective than hundreds of blogs have been. Thank God there are people like Neil Young to speak out for our country.

Paul, at Me & George W., in a conversation with his wife that he relates, asks "What is the price of freedom?"His wife didn’t seem to have an answer. I may not either. But I can say that the price of freedom in Iraq, if that’s what we’re really talking about here (the story, or the justification for war in Iraq seems to change every few months. It started out with regime change, and getting rid of nonexistent WMDs, and eventually morphed into the current party line of spreading freedom) is somewhere in the neighborhood of $276 billion at the present time, and still counting, with some projections putting the eventual financial cost at more than a trillion dollars, perhaps more than two trillion. Additional costs include about 2400 American dead, and tens of thousands wounded. The costs to the Iraqi people, in some respects, are even higher. For example, 100,000 Iraqi families are said to have been displaced, and some 35,000 are said to have been killed. That figure may not include Iraqis who have merely died, rather than been killed. In a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, 62% disapprove of the way George is handling his war in Iraq, and 58% said the war was not worth fighting. Does that mean that 58% think the cost of freedom in Iraq is too high? Could be. So Paul’s wife is not alone in her opposition to the policies of George War Bush. It may help her if she were better informed.

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