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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Tao of Bird Flu
28. Bird flu is a worldwide calamity just waiting to happen. For some, like those in Turkey, Indonesia, etc, the calamity has already begun.

Here we go again
You know we have talked before about how bird flu is spread. There has been some controversy over whether migrating birds are spreading the virus, or whether the bird trade is spreading the virus. Apparently scientists are still undecided about much of this because here is an article in the International Herald Tribune that says: Spread of bird flu: experts are puzzled. I suppose we are not going to solve this question anytime soon.

Round and Round We Go
The World Health Organization says that bird flu is spreading faster. Yeah, well anyone who follows the news could tell you that. I mean, the virus has shown up in Nigeria, Niger, Egypt, France, Greece, Austria, Germany, Sweden, and the list goes on. (This morning’s news tells us that we have new appearances in Chechnya and in Switzerland. Before long there may be no country left untouched.)

What do you want to bet?
Here is an article in which one expert says he expects that once bird flu arrives in England, it might stay for five years. That’s a grim prospect.

Country number four
More than 6,000 chickens are dead from bird flu in Ethiopia. It’s not getting any better, folks.

If we gain anything from all this, all these revelations, I suppose it should be the impression that there is something out there, like an iceberg, and it's dangerous, and we are just seeing more and more of it every day. And it's like dirty, to mix metaphors, and it's infecting everything. And the world is heading for a collision with this thing, and it remains doubtful if we can steer away in time.

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