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Sunday, September 10, 2006

I watched the movie Flight 93 last night, not the theatrical version, but the A&E version. After seeing it I feel that George War Bush has dishonored those brave citizens onboard that plane.

When confronted with the evil of 9/11, those brave citizens were in quite a quandary. They had to make a decision, and they had to make it fast. The people on the ground who were in touch with them told them the truth. Armed with the truth, the members of Flight 93 took a vote – very touching, very democratic – and decided to fight back against the terrorists who were threatening the plane, as well as other targets then unknown. Very heartrending.

What would have happened if the passengers on that plane had not been told the truth? They would not have been able to respond effectively against that real and imminent threat. Under such circumstances we might have lost the White House or the Capitol on that day. That is almost unthinkable.

The American people and the American Congress were not given the truth about the war on terror. They were told that somehow Iraq was an imminent threat to our country, more imminent than Al Qaeda, more imminent than Iran, and more imminent than North Korea. Because of this threat which was not true we were called upon, on several occasions, to take a vote, just like the passengers on Flight 93. In 2002 we voted to go to war. In 2004 we voted to re-elect the president who took us into a war based on falsehoods. Just like would have happened with the passengers on Flight 93, having false information has prevented our citizens from responding effectively to real and imminent threats. We’re over there in Iraq when we should be focusing our attention and resources on dealing with terrorism and making our country safer.

The passengers on Flight 93 seemed to know what to do and how to respond, almost as if it were a lesson from a civics class. Their actions on that day were heroic. What was President Bush’s response? Let’s remove Saddam Hussein from power, a Saddam Hussein who everyone knows or should know, and even the president has admitted, had nothing to do with 9/11. This was not a heroic act. I personally think it was despicable – mainly because of misleading the American people. It has also not helped that we have lost so many soldiers in this unnecessary war. And this is why I think President Bush has dishonored the brave passengers on Flight 93. He dishonors their memory by taking the emphasis off terrorism and shifting it to Iraq. And he has dishonored their heroism. Their actions on that day were heroic. President Bush’s actions since that day have been far from heroic. Those passengers gave us a shining example of what heroes could be. George War Bush has given us a shining example of a politician who would do or say anything to further his political agenda.

I think you honor the people who died on 9/11, including those on Flight 93, by really fighting the war on terrorism, not by getting distracted by Iraq and pouring more American lives and money into a war that was a bad idea to begin with.

Listen to my new song, Get the Hell out of Iraq. (See lyrics here.)

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  • At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Debra said…

    Well written, he has dishonored all of their memories and is in the process of ruining their families futures.

    I'm glad I'm not in the military because there is no way I would ever follow his orders.


  • At 6:01 PM, Blogger jude cowell said…

    How right you are! Only the West would turn people's misery and catatrophe into "entertainment" on celluloid.

    Who profits and who loses?

  • At 9:38 AM, Blogger Carl said…

    We had an opportunity, a chance, to persuade the Muslim world that we were not the enemy, and we've lost that chance.

    See, the Bushies focused on the extremists. If they had focused on the average know, the one they claim is decent and honest and hard-working and all?...they would have seen that the strength it would have taken to simply go after those bastards who did this to us would have garnered enormous respect and goodwill.

    Then we could have extended the case by pointing out that the Islamists who did this, did this to a country who had defended Muslims from "ethnic cleansing" and that maybe their fight was elsewhere.

    Imagine that world...


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