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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oh God, now they’re calling the war on terror World War Three. They seem to come up with a new spin every few months. This is just the latest one. This, of course, is something I would expect from George War Bush. He knows war, and he never met a war he didn’t like. This could have a way of becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy, though. If we go out and attack many more countries, the conflict could morph into a World War, which I would dread, but which our president seems to welcome, and even perhaps be willing to initiate.

Mr. Bush is supposed to be a religious man, even a Christian, but Jesus didn’t say, Blessed are the war makers, did He? No. He said, Blessed are the peacemakers. Now, I’m not some peacenik, at least I don’t think I am. But I am also not a warmonger like I think our president is. I don’t look for every opportunity to start a new war, to spend our taxpayers’ money, and to send our young men to their deaths in faraway lands. The war in Iraq helped get the president re-elected, but it has gone on so long, with such disastrous results, that it may help his party get defeated in November (I hope.) It is therefore not surprising to me that he is cranking up the rhetoric on a new war, World War Three. In some ways war is all he knows. He’s like a guy who only knows one song. Everything he does is a variation on that. He now thinks he can raise his approval ratings by declaring a new war, but the American public is weary of war, and they know the war on terror is not World War Three.

I think the president has missed the boat with the war on terror by pursuing his policy of preemptive war. History does not remember kindly the men who start the wars. History does smile on those who end wars, and on those who achieve peace. At the rate he is now going, George War Bush will not accomplish either of these worthy goals.

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  • At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Bob Patterson said…

    Yeah I saw that.

    I had a very quick post about it on my blog.

    Very spooky.

  • At 9:15 AM, Blogger THIRD WORLD WAR said…

    (1) The "World War Three" has started.
    "WORLD WAR THREE" has begun. Republican Vice President Dick Cheney declared the restart of the New Cold War in March 2006. Republican Former Speaker of the Congress declared the start of the first phase of the "WORLD WAR THREE" in July 2006.
    (2) "World War Three" now promotes the national interests of United States, India and China. Imperial colonial powers of the yester years- France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Ottoman Turkey, Russia, Spain- are in decline now and they wouldnever again be world powers.
    (3) The post-1945 decolonization process permanently weakened former colonial powers that also suffer from disastrous population decline due to the declining fertility rates of their women. The Declining populations would rule out any imperial pretensions of Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Spain and Italy.
    (4) The 2006 start of the World War Three is in the geopolitical national interest of the United States as presently United States enjoys military preponderance in the world. The 2006 is the ideal time for the start of the World War Three as it would guarantee that the coalition of Allied Powers led by USA, India and Britain is highly likely to win the World War Three. Any delay or postponment of the World War Three would progressively work against the national interests of the United States. Now is the good time for the World War Three.
    (5) The 2006 start of the World War Three is in the national interest of India as well as China. Any delay of the World War Three would make Islamic Nuclear Terrorism formidable. The World War Three should begin now, so that the civilized world may successfully De-Nuke Islamic Atom Bomb and Islamic Nuclear Weapons Delivery Systems.
    (6) The 2006 start of the World War Three is in the national interest of Russia as it would allow Russian Army regain for Russia the glory it lost after the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991.
    (7) The principal goal of the World War Three is to gain control over world's oil and gas reserves so that OPEC Oil Gas Producers are brought under the civilized occupation and control of the Great Power led Petro-Colonial Empires. The purpose of the World War Three is to partition the OPEC Oil Producing Nations into the spheres of influence of leading Six world powers, namely, USA, India, China, Russia, Europe and Japan.
    Diplomat Kalki Gaur
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